We have developed a rich cross section of apps for enterprise, startup, social & consumer.

Our methodology and technology allows us to meet the demands of a small startup, a SME or scale up for an ASX100 enterprise, allowing us to always deliver high performing, scaleable and secure apps.


Our project methodology is a hybrid of the discipline we gained as a collective working on large scale digital transformation projects in enterprise, blended with agile development delivery.

  • Surf Watch

    Surf Watch is a revolutionary app for Apple devices, focused surf forecasts and surf-session tracking using the Apple Watch.  With a social feed, allowing surfers from around the planet to replay sessions of those that they follow. 

    Globally recognised, the Surf Watch app is an ongoing partnership with evie and the Surf Watch team. The technology spans multiple best in class frameworks and design patterns.

  • Sessions

    Tracks sessions for surfers, kitesurfers, paddleboarders, and foilers. Uses Apple Watch sensors to waves, heart rate, energy burned and paddles.

  • Forecasts

    Integration with a number of third party weather providers for beautiful and interactable forecast display. 

  • In-App Purchases

    Apple native subscription framework, along with Sign In with Apple authentication.

  • LOOP

    LOOP is an ambitious start up looking to reinvent the way conveyancing works in Australia. Evie has helped Loop in concept, design, architecture and build of Australia's first super-conveyancing platform.  LOOP allows vendors to automatically generate a Contract of Sale.

  • Front End

    A dynamic Web App was developed as the primary user channel with supporting Apple iOS app.

  • Back End

    Salesforce was selected for the back end CRM to manage both users and the contracts generation and management process. 

  • Integration

    Extensive integration to multiple property / legal data providers such as Infotrack & Corelogic, payments engine integrated to finance management (Xero), Intercomm & Natterbox for communications.

  • Marketing

    Public Web Site with integrated Intercom chat, SEO optimised, with supporting social media channels stood up and integrated.  Google and Facebook / Instagram social advertising campaign defined and executed.

  • digs

    Digs aims to change the way the services and products of great local businesses are shared amongst friends. With a friend-network based filter, you will only be shown what's relevant and truly liked by your extended network. With a rich and beautiful interface, lookout for digs on the App Store in the coming weeks.

  • Consumer

    View the places and services that your network values most. 

  • Business

    Metrics and insights for businesses. Ability to maintain service information and create sharable content.

  • Technology

    Full-stack across web and native iOS (swift) and Android and various leading frameworks and design patterns.


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